Personal Training

We’ve got something for YOU

One of the hardest parts of getting motivated to work out is the lack of support around you. Here at Moreau Fitness, we have a dedicated team of personal trainers and coaches that can help anyone reach their personal fitness goals. Whether you are trying to get that summer body, increase your speed and agility, or simply get in better shape, we have what you need.


Our fitness professionals take you through progressions of exercises based off of your fitness level and goals. They will work on posture correction, mobility, form, and ultimately ensuring you are exercising safely. This is a great option for those who are brand new to the gym/exercise world or those who need maximum accountability.

Fitness Check-ins

Accountability is so important when it comes to following a program AND seeing results. Weekly check-ins with your coach will help keep you on track and your workouts/nutrition a priority. Let’s LIVE MORE together!


Workout Plans & Program Design

Are you needing a little guidance on what you should be doing while at the gym? This is a perfect solution for you!

What’s included?

-Initial goal assessment prior to first session
-2 program designs to do on alternating days
-1 hour session to review exercise prescription

We recommend a new program design every six weeks, based on your personal goals.